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Printer Geeks follows a specific check-list for our
in-house testing, which includes:

  • Visual Inspection of Packaging & Labeling

    We look at package quality and accuracy of information as well as lot / barcode information.

  • Visual Inspection of Cartridge

    We look for apparent leaks, blemishes, damages, etc.

  • Seal Tape Test

    We make sure seal tapes are functioning properly and can be pulled with no problems.

  • Printer Recognition Test

    Each cartridge is installed in a printer to make sure cartridge is recognized.

  • Print Quality Testing

    We use a number of test patterns to inspect overall print quality, density, color, text, etc.

  • Testing Process

    We look for fusing issues, abnormal banding or streaks, backgrounding, ghosting, and other potential issues that could lead to defectives.

Top 5 reasons why you can count on Printer Geeks quality

  1. ISO 9001/14001 certified manufacturing facilities
  2. Our remanufactured cartridges only utilize virgin cores and the highest quality components.
  3. Each cartridge is individually tested prior to packaging.
  4. All cartridges are backed by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  5. All cartridges are tested to provide OEM equivalent yield and output.